Why reusable

We believe the best way to deal with plastic waste is to not create it in the first place.

A great way we can all start doing this is by swapping everyday disposable plastics for reusable alternatives. It really is that simple.

Other solutions like recycling and biodegradable alternatives have a part to play - but we cannot rely on them.

Recycling is the best way to manage redundant plastic waste - but systems aren’t working as they should.

Of all the plastic waste ever created, just 9% has been recycled. In many parts of the world recycling rates are actually decreasing.

Moreover the process remains costly - both for the environment and the economy. We need to see recycling as a last resort, not the answer.

Biodegradable materials are a fantastic solution -  but only if the conditions are right. Biodegradable products that end up in landfill sites often won’t breakdown as the waste is packed too tightly.

Put simply: we need to stop asking ourselves how we can better deal with this waste and start thinking about how we can cut it out of our lives altogether.


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